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The Urinalfun® concept is perfect for promotions or advertising activities. Create your own custom message on the unique magic message screen of standard urinal screens.

Minimum amounts for private labeling:

- Magic Message screen; min. 360 pc.

- Standard screen          ; min. 250 pc.


The Urinalfun® concept has unique give aways, for parents, catering industry or (sanitary) companies.

Please do contact us for more information about the possibillities:







5. Productinformation for Private Labeling

 Private Label Magische Urinalfilter
Minimum Order 360 screens
Standard Colours bleu, red, pink, ocean blue
Printing size 5 cm x 6 cm
Universal size for urinals O.K.
Less amount of waste O.K.
Anti-Bacterials O.K.
Nice Fragrances O.K.
Your own custom message O.K.
Less cleaning costs O.K.



Funny Message - Big Impact!


Please contact us for more information: info@amktrading.nl 


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